Sunday, April 24, 2011

1 Corinthians 15: He Is Risen!

He is Risen, He is Risen, indeed!

It is a day of rejoicing. As Jesus said, "Rejoice!" (Mat 28:9) He has accomplished the work the Father sent Him to do, and has conquered sin and death. It is a great matter for joy.

But in my heart, I also grieve. I grieve for my brothers and sisters who say "Happy Easter," without realizing they are using the name of a pagan fertility goddess as a greeting. You see,  "Easter" can be  traced back to Astarte (Ashtoreth), the goddess to whom Asherah poles were dedicated and before whom the Israelites repeatedly polluted themselves and incurred the wrath of God. I grieve for these ignorant ones.

I grieve for my brothers and sisters who, knowing this, continue to use this name.

And most of all, I grieve for the institutions called churches, who claim to have and know the truth, who approve and teach pagan practices related to the worship of a fertility goddess, and claim that it is honoring to God and to Jesus Christ. It is a lie. They believe a lie, and they teach others to believe a lie. This is an abomination before God, and I grieve.

It is Firstfruits, rejoice! For Jesus is the firstfruits of them that sleep!
It is Resurrection Day, rejoice! For now is Christ risen from the grave!
1Co 15:20  But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. 

Never again will it be "easter" to me!


  1. Stunning post. Very brave. You have made me think and I am not sure what I think. Thank you. I think...

  2. Awesome post! I wish everybody had enough interest to find out where our 'holidays' actually come from. That's why I have a page at the top of my blog called 'Resurrection and Bunnies' to help spread the truth. You can find it here:

    I appreciate your honesty and strength to stand against the majority.


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