Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31

I am not a fan of halloween.

Some years ago, I worked the evening shift. I enjoyed listening to the radio as I commuted, because at that time I could hear a folk music show on my way home. One night, every song played had the devil as its subject. When I noticed this, I first wondered why, then I remembered it was halloween. That was the night when God brought home to me that halloween was the devil's holiday.

Eph 5:11  And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather even expose them. 


  1. Halloween is first a Celtic tradition hollyday, Samain, so it is not really a christian fest, indeed.

    I'm not sure if I like it or not : I don't like certain excess people do on the occasion (ornement too gore, abuse of alcool and sex on halloween adult parties, etc.) but I'm not a big fan of hollydays, at all, in fact. They are in our world turn into this big joke, a pretense to spend money in completly useless things.

  2. Oh, how lovely to find this lovely blog of yours!

    When I first came to God, it was through the Catholic church, as my man was Born into it. He was more a Christian Catholic though. I heard about Jesus through the Conversion classes took...but He was not the hilight of the teaching, it seemed to me back then. It definatley was "Faith based" but it was mostly "works" oriented.

    I was asked to be assistant to a teacher that taught high school CCD. We studied all the holidays and all the saints. "All Hallows Eve" was a sacred day in the Catholic church, and though we dug up the beginnings of the very un Christian and very pagan ritualistic celebration, based of (to me) fear and Satan, they claimed it as a Cahtolic day of recognition of some saint- I don't recall now!

    Even back then, before I really believed in the LORD or Knew of His ultimate sacrifice for my very soul; it truly bothered me that my claimed denomination allowed a sort of "blind eye" faith.

    Too much to say about those days for here, but that probably was the beginning of my dislike for the unholy day others claimed for unrighteousness.
    Meeting many nurses and social workers and then finally converting to a purely BIBLE believing faith ( King James was what I read through) .
    We, as a couple heard first hand, pretty evil stories of happenings of the 31st of October.

    Prayer is my celebration on the 31st now, (and everyday) prayers in the Resurrection power over the darkness that threatens humanity ( only for a little while longer).

    Look at the world's choices and happenings or not, some say we are darkend to think this was or to look at things like that.... STILL~ we are choosing to live in the LIGHT, and be LIGHT!

    You take care now~


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