Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let His Remnant Come

There is anguish among God's people. Grim predictions abound, centered in the Gulf and spreading outward to encompass the world. Many are having dreams showing coming turmoil; I have had one myself. In view of this, I am posting this vision a dear friend had, with her permission. This is no time for complacency or believing nothing will come of it. Possibly nothing will, but that is not the idea to act on; turn to Jesus before it is too late!

Let His Remnant Come

And in the midst of chaos and destruction
There shall stand a shining light  

A light of peace, of hope, of love
A sanctuary for those who seek His Face

For those who cry out in the darkness
Let them turn their eyes to Christ
Let their sorrows and their anguish
Find solace in the comfort of His grace

For when the mountains crumble
And the earth shakes
When the seas turn red with blood
And the skies black with smoke

There shall be no turning back
There shall be no refuge from the storm
There shall be no other recourse
But there shall be Christ, victorious

Let His remnant come!

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